DOT Physcial Examinations FMCSA Certified Medical Examiner

905 S. Prairie Ave. Inglewood CA 90301
(323) 899-0171
$40 Cash ( $45 with Debit )

  • How much? $40 Cash ($45 with Debit)
  • How long? Approximately 15 Minutes
  • When is the next appointment? DOT Physicals are held daily just call to make an appointment or you could simply walk in.
  • How do I sign up? Call 323-899-0171 and get put on the schedule but walkins are welcome
  • Is there anything I should bring? Bring your drivers license, glasses, and any medications you may be taking.
  • Is there free Parking Yes, theres a parking lot and parking is permitted on Prairie for 18 wheelers, right off the 105 freeway
  • Are you certified with the new FMCSA and NCRME guidelines? Yes! you can click here to verify
  • Will I get a certificate to give to the DMV? Yes, you will receive a certificate the same day to give to the DMV, you will also receive a card to keep with you at all times you are driving.
  • Will I get a medical card? Yes, you will provided a medical card that you can keep in your wallet of purse incase you need to provide it on the road.
  • Any other questions or concerns please call us, we will be happy to help. Call Us (323) 899-0171
  • Do You Provide after hours appointments Yes we do, we can do appointments anytime after 9am-4pm for $75.00
  • DOT CDL Physical Exams Los Angeles

    Once you arrive at our facility, you will be greeted by one our assistants. You will be required to fill out our patient medical history forms, provide a copy of your current DMV driver’s license, and have a complete medical DOT CDL Physical Exam performed by a licensed medical professional (NCRME). For a faster completion time please bring a DMV CDL Medical Examination report with the first page of the medical health history portion already completed.

    If you wear glasses or contacts, please bring them with you. If you have any medications you are taking please bring all medication bottles with you to your appointment because we need your current doctors information and any supporting medical documentation or clearances from your primary care doctor for any medical issues/conditions you are being treated for.

    Make sure to be prepared to do a urinalysis, weather you are doing a drug test a or not because we will be checking for the blood, sugar, and specific gravity in your urine.

    Please NO coffee or energy drinks ( anything with caffiene )
    we will be doing a blood pressure reading and to get a 2 year certification you will need to pass with a blood pressure of 140/90.

    Get your CDL medical card in 20 minutes,
    in 3 EASY STEPS

    STEP 1 – Fill out a 1-page brief health history

    STEP 2 – Complete Exam

    • Complete your DOT Physical exam with us.
    • Review of brief medical history which includes documentation of:
      1. Name, Date of Birth, Sex
      2. Current or previous medical conditions/problems
      3. Current or previous medications
      4. Allergies
      5. Past Surgeries
      6. Smoking and Alcohol history

    • Height and weight
    • Blood pressure
    • Pulse and pulse ox
    • Hand grip strength
    • Vision and Hearing testing
    • Urinalysis
    • Complete examination and evaluation of head, eyes, ears, nose, throat, heart, lungs, abdomen, extremities, genito-urinary, spine, musculoskeletal, and neurological exam

    STEP 3 – Complete Paperwork

    • We complete your paperwork. Photo ID required.
    • You get a DOT medical card for your CDL to keep with you at all times you are driving.
    • You get 2 copies of the DOT physical form, one for your CDL, one for the company. If you need, we will also fax the DOT physical form to your company.
    • Payment is $40.00 and payment options are cash, credit card, money orders, bank checks or pre-authorized company account.

    DOT Drug Alcohol Testing

    Drug alcohol testing is not part of a DOT physical exam but your Company may request to have drug alcohol testing done at the same time. DOT Drug Testing and blood alcohol testing are separate tests and separate charges.

    Appointment Times – Call 323-899-0171

    Appointment within 24 hrs, but to ensure we’ll be available at the time you want, call 323-899-0171 to set up an appointment with us for your DOT Physical exam.

    After successful completion of the above, you will be provided with your CDL medical examination report and medical certificate.

dot medical exam

DOT Physical Form

Please fill this form out and bring with you to your physical examination to expedite the process, also leave all dates including you birthdate blank and if you do not have printer access please email form to

PS* You can fill out the form on the computer, print the document and bring it in to the Physician.

DOT Physicals

Any Commercial drivers that have a CDL or are attempting to get a CDL license, you need to get a medical exam called a DOT Physical

DOT Drug Testing

Anyone who needs a drug test either for a pre-employment, post accident or even a random drug test by your employer, we will provide that service at the same location.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to get all of your questions pretaining to the dot physicals, or drug testing answered.