6 Things to Remember Before Taking your DOT Physical

1.No Coffee, Energy Drinks, Soda, or even Stress Before your Physical: Here at G Medical we’ve been in the business for a few years now, and what we have come to find is that, many drivers have blood pressure issues, due to meat consumption, high sodium products and oily fried food.

Also due to the fact that drivers are on the road for long periods of time with out proper time to exercise, stretch and work off the food they consume, this is compounded by the fact that many truck stops don’t usually have very healthy food.

So with that being said , you could already be high risk and and not even know it, but caffeine will put your heart rate over the top and your blood pressure has to be below 140/90 to get a 2 year certification. So absolutely no caffeine this will have you waste your time, ours and whats worse is you may only qualify for 1 year or 3 months.

We recommend going to supermarkets and getting a bag of apples to snack on while on the road and make sure to jog, do push ups and sit ups at every truck stop.

dot-physicals-los-angeles2. Bring your Glasses: Since you will be driving expensive freight and even people we have to make sure you can see.

If you need your glasses to drive and you cannot pass the eye exam with out then, then we will be forced to postpone your physical until you get your glasses or get a prescription so that you can properly see in the day time and at night.

You will be required to pass an eye exam of 20/40 vision or better to pass the dot physical for 2 years

3.Hydrate Your Self with Water:  We will be conducting a urinalysis, and it could include the drug test depending on your job specifications, but most of the time it does not. What we check for is the blood, sugar, and protein in you urine, and 90% time we conclude that the patient needs to drink more water, this may not have to fail, but dehydration could lead to fainting, heat injuries or even seizures.

Also it could prolong the physical time if you can’t necessarily “go” at the time of the physical, you will be required to produce at least 45ml of urine in order to conduct a proper urinalysis.

4.Bring Your Medications: The Doctor will have to conduct a full health history, and with that being the said she will have to know what medications your taking and why, the dosage, the prescribing doctor, and all of their information.

If you disclose that you are taking medications and you don’t have all the info, we will have to postpone the physical until you can gather this information, because the doctor will need this information to see if you qualify.

Many times patients are taking medications and they prefer not to disclose this information either because they simply don’t have it or they know it will not allow them to get a 2 year certificate prime example “blood pressure meds”, well the FMCSA or the DOT can and will do a medical audit and if this information is not disclosed you could possibly lose your job.

Our job is to see if you are fit to drive, and if you are not we are to put you on a path to where you can be healthy enough to do so. Honesty is the best policy and we will work with you to get you a pass and be organized with all of your information.LAX DOT Physical and Drug Testing

5.Bring Photo ID : At G-medical we work very closely with the DMV, and the department of transportation,  so we have to know that you are the person conducting the physical.

We understand your situation, we are the 1st stop before you renew your license so it may be expired from time to time, at the same time bring the expired license , as long as it has a photo with your name on a government issued identification you’ll be fine.

6.Download the Forms Online: By clicking here to download the DOT Physical Form G-Medical 310-946-2533, we say it takes 15 minutes to do a physical but most of that time is spent filling out paper work, ( patients with completed paper work gets seen first ).

It could take longer if there are any mistakes at all, so its easier to just fill out the form online that way you could  just print the corrected form and bring it in , this could alleviate any potential mistakes that could be made by hand writing  the form.

5 Ways to Choose the Right Doctor For Your DOT Physical

  1. All our doctors are DOT Certified and validated on FMCSA National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners…I’m sure you heard from your job, if they didn’t go through the new certification protocol, your probably wasting your time, ps you can Dot-medical-certificate-gmedical-310-946-2533verify our license here, click here to verify
  2. The examiner makes sure your documentation is correct and that your have a valid medical card, we have them in stock, all you need is the proper doctor to sign off and your good for the next 2 years, we do go by the book though so make sure to watch out for your physical condition, you job could be dependent upon it.
  3. The examiner will guide you reasonably and fairly through all the requirements to qualify you for a DOT medical card, sometimes people fail, this is a reality, but we will give you a plan of how to pass.
  4. The dot physical cost is all inclusive and fair. Just ask around and you’ll realize that unlike us clinics that don’t specialize in specifically this like us tend to over price themselves.
  5. Appointments are made for the driver’s convenience – We see you on time, and save you time. We are flexible, we appointment times available and we are ready to help.

5 ways to Waste your Money and Time on a CDL / DOT Physical

5 ways to Waste your Money and Time on a CDL / DOT Physical

  1. Medical card invalid – Doctor not on the National Registry of Medical Examiners. You can verify us right here so you know your in good hands. click here to verify
  2. Medical card invalid – The examiner uses wrong forms or makes mistakes on the medical card. We were trained by the best and we’ve been doing these specific physicals for well over 5 years so we already know the road blocks most newbies fall into.cdl-dot-physicals-los-angeles
  3. Disqualified or short-term conditional medical card – The examiner applies regulations and guidelines inappropriately. This business stated by the drivers for the drivers, Trust we know what you need.
  4. $ Costs mount up – High exam fee, hidden fees, just check around our prices are actually less than half of many other locations. Many people fall victim to these pitfalls and end up spending allot of money, in fact our last client got referred by someone who spent $180.00 for a physical!!??
  5. Waste your time – Not able to make an appointment. Keeps you waiting in line. we have appointments available around the clock, our schedule is wide open so we can get you in and out right away. You went to the wrong place they don’t meet the new guidelines, now you have to get back on the road, guess what your risking your license.