CDL Test Center Los Angeles

G Medical is proud to inform our Commercial drivers in Los Angeles that we have a new site where you can turn in your paper work to renew your medical after taking your  medical exam for the department of transportation, what we call a DOT Physical.

This place is  called the CDL Test Center in Los Angeles ( CDL ) the address is
14825 Avalon Blvd. Gardena, CA 90248

CDL Test Center Los Angeles

You no longer have to wait in long lines to turn in your paper work or be hassled with your paper work being lost because of trying to mail in your paper-work to avoid those long lines.

We have a partnership with this DMV location that we deal with all the time and we assure you your wait will be minimal and they will take care of you right away.

Here at G Medical we have been waiting for this location to open up for a long time because we understand that going to the DMV can sometimes be an all day thing, when you have work to do you need to get back on the road, and this long all day process has become a hassle.

So we are thankful that we have a CDL test center los angeles right next to us within a 10 minute drive to our sister city of Gardena.  CLICK HERE FOR DIRECTIONS

CDL stands for commercial drivers license so this goes for anyone who drives a vehicle other than a car usually for work. The vehicles that are included are a follows 18 wheeler trucks, bus, RV’s, any vehicle that transports people for a fee also can include uber and lyft, one day.

This exam is required so that the drivers will be medically qualified that they can properly see and hear.  We will be performing a check to see if they have proper blood pressures that it is within the range of 140 /90 anything higher than that could be considered high blood pressure and these drivers should be monitored.

This is to be sure that the driver will not have a stroke or a heart attack on the road as well as any complications where the driver will not have an overall Basic Fitness level to drive.

Now this new commercial driver license test center or CDL test center located in Gardena will allow all of the patients that come to G Medical DOT Physicals Los Angeles to be able to turn their paperwork in without waiting in long lines at the DMV.

Also if they are looking to take their test either, written exam or the actual exam inside the truck they will be able to take their test at this location as well.

Lastly for the drivers who already have a commercial license depending on their qualifications that they get from the medical examiner, they may have to renew their license every two years.

When you have to renew your license every two years you can turn your form in atthis location Here at G Medical our doctors provide the commercial drivers with some paperwork this paperwork will include:

  • Long form form number 5875
  • Medical certificate that will state the length of time that the certificate is good for
  • Certificate to make a copy to give to a prospective employer
  • Medical card that can keep in their wallet with our phone number on it


(  that way if there’s any complications on the road you can always give us a call and we’ll be happy to help out of moment’s notice )

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