DOT Drug Test Los Angeles

DOT Drug Test Los Angeles

DOT drug testing in Los Angeles is conducted within the guidelines of the Department of Transportation this drug test is required before getting employed with a major company whether it be

Class A or Class B this could include a commercial driver license physical and you are trying to obtain a driver’s license todot-physicals-los-angeles

drive a big rig truck or bus more than 15 passengers and more normally these drives are for hours and hours at a time and hours on the road and we have to make sure not only are you healthy on the highway because you could be responsible for very expensive maybe even

Priceless cargo and that you’re physically fit and drug free drugs can alter the mind-state to react properly and they can be used and blamed for a lot of accidents especially when combined with alcohol on the high road so before a

Department Of Transportation Physicals


company will hire they normally would always do a pre-employment drug test within the guidelines of the Department of Transportation is normally comes with the physical exam and price for that is $100

with the physical exam total is 60 for the drug test and 40 for the physical of the drug test will be read by a certified medical review officer that’s also in the guidelines of the FMCSA and the

Department of Transportation they will read the results and submit them to your transportation company whatever that may be the results normally take between 72 to 96 hours this is 3 to 5 days the results will be submitted via email and they will come from dr. Hartman

or medical review officer or Quest Diagnostics lab itself now there are certain guidelines that qualify for the Department of Transportation that don’t go for regular pre-employment drug screening


The medical is proud to partner with the Department of Transportation this is actually how we got into the business itself a drug test with the physical started doing regular drug testing for all of our residents in Inglewood Los Angeles and people wishing to obtain employment in the Los Angeles area or even all the way across the United States we get truck drivers from different cities we have a partnership with 2140 Medical Center which is a physical location for

Commercial Drivers License ( CDL ) Physicals

Department of Transportation right across the street from the Compton DMV on Santa Fe Avenue although we don’t have all these men arrested we have been taken over his patient based offering them the $40 physicals in addition to the $40 drug test this is the $80 special is only available on

Monday Wednesday and Friday between 9 and 12 please call us all other times are by appointment only a drug test can be submitted at any time this is just the deal T physical


Number one is that the facility will have to be Department of Transportation approved number two is that the facility will have a medical examiner within the guidelines of the Department of Transportation and the

Federal Motor Carrier safety administration a regular doctor cannot do this physical you must see a specialist The Specialist is also certified to check for drugs that may be in your system

while doing the physical exam you will be doing a urinalysis for the physical exam so the drug test goes hand-in-hand and this is required before getting your license for getting approved for my new job