Instant Drug Test Los Angeles


Here at G Medical we are home to the $20 drug test.  We do instant drug testing in Los Angeles to give our Los Angeles residents an opportunity to get a drug test to really check out what’s in your system to get the results for your self.  Sometimes you may want to check your self out to see if you would pass if you had to take a drug test.

Many times people are surprised by the reaction that these test do actually work and they are not the home drug tests you can get from walgreens, these drug test kits come from quest diagnostics and have a sophisticated panel that is even good enough for a pre-employment

Drug Test Los Angeles

Some times you may have to pay sometimes $50 to $60 for a drug test, the reason is, for a lab drug test the results will have to be read by a certified medical review officer, that medical review officer will get the drug tests and reported back to your employer to give you the results that can be verified.

imagesSimilar to a notary republic the results will be read by a specialist that knows about all the drugs and dosages, they give you  their word on official paper that you absolutely beyond a shadow of a doubt passed or failed your drug test.

Instant drug test to see the results right there if your results come up positive or negative , you’ll see the results your self the collector will show you the results when they become available, we even offer an unofficial result read by the collector for the instant drug test. That many employers will except

The instant drug test Los Angeles checks for opiates and amphetamines, THC, cocaine, PCP, and also including MDMA, which is in the new extacy pill that a lot of our children are taking at parties having seizures due to lack of water and oxygen to the brain from dehydration.

Staying drug free is very very important that’s why here at G Medical we have the instant drug test for parents who just want to know if their child is responsible and not taking any drugs you can bring them in for $20 and they can give you a specimen that tells you pass or fail if in any event you may be unsure.

Drug Test Kit Los Angeles

Want to come in and just pick up an instant drug test kit, sure come on bye, you can purchase one of our drug test kits for $20, and take it home yourself, the collector will how instant-drug-test-kit-los-angelesyou how to read the results before you leave, its no always necessary that you have to do your specimen here with a certified drug and alcohol collector through

DATIA ( drug and alcohol testing association) and certified through Quest Diagnostics to submit specimens to the Lab in Kentucky where all of the specimens go throughout the entire United States.