5 Ways to Choose the Right Doctor For Your DOT Physical

By May 21, 2015 No Comments
  1. All our doctors are DOT Certified and validated on FMCSA National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners…I’m sure you heard from your job, if they didn’t go through the new certification protocol, your probably wasting your time, ps you can Dot-medical-certificate-gmedical-310-946-2533verify our license here, click here to verify
  2. The examiner makes sure your documentation is correct and that your have a valid medical card, we have them in stock, all you need is the proper doctor to sign off and your good for the next 2 years, we do go by the book though so make sure to watch out for your physical condition, you job could be dependent upon it.
  3. The examiner will guide you reasonably and fairly through all the requirements to qualify you for a DOT medical card, sometimes people fail, this is a reality, but we will give you a plan of how to pass.
  4. The dot physical cost is all inclusive and fair. Just ask around and you’ll realize that unlike us clinics that don’t specialize in specifically this like us tend to over price themselves.
  5. Appointments are made for the driver’s convenience – We see you on time, and save you time. We are flexible, we appointment times available and we are ready to help.