5 ways to Waste your Money and Time on a CDL / DOT Physical

  1. Medical card invalid – Doctor not on the National Registry of Medical Examiners. You can verify us right here so you know your in good hands. click here to verify
  2. Medical card invalid – The examiner uses wrong forms or makes mistakes on the medical card. We were trained by the best and we’ve been doing these specific physicals for well over 5 years so we already know the road blocks most newbies fall into.cdl-dot-physicals-los-angeles
  3. Disqualified or short-term conditional medical card – The examiner applies regulations and guidelines inappropriately. This business stated by the drivers for the drivers, Trust we know what you need.
  4. $ Costs mount up – High exam fee, hidden fees, just check around our prices are actually less than half of many other locations. Many people fall victim to these pitfalls and end up spending allot of money, in fact our last client got referred by someone who spent $180.00 for a physical!!??
  5. Waste your time – Not able to make an appointment. Keeps you waiting in line. we have appointments available around the clock, our schedule is wide open so we can get you in and out right away. You went to the wrong place they don’t meet the new guidelines, now you have to get back on the road, guess what your risking your license.