CDL DOT Medical Exam Card Los Angeles

If you are a commercial driver wanting to renew your current driver’s license or obtain a new your driver’s license, call (323) 899-0171. We will conduct a physical exam that will test your vision,  your overall physical condition and your fitness to drive.

Call us! We are open 5 days a week, Monday-Friday, 9:00 am-5:00 pm.  Bring your photo identification, medications, glasses/contacts, and form of payment and we will conduct your DOT physical exam. We have all the forms you need or you can download them here:    Medical-Examination-Report-(MER)-Form-MCSA-5875 Fill them out online, print them and bring them with you.

Do not drink or consume any caffeinated drinks or products. This may raise your blood pressure. If you are taking any medications please bring them with you. We we will need the correct medication and dosage amount to complete our evaluation. We will also conduct a urinalysis, so be well hydrated.

Our office is Located in Inglewood, CA across the street from Hollywood Park Casino, the Forum, and the new Rams Stadium construction site.  Our major cross street from the south is Century Blvd., and from the north, Manchester Blvd.  Our cross street is Arbor Vitae. We are located in the 7/11 shopping center.

(323) 899-0171

Needing DOT Physicals for a Company or Truck Driving School?

Corporate Clients?

So our examination coordinators can better server you, please provide some helpful information:

  1. The physical Location of your of business.
  2. Are you looking to set up service for one location or multiple locations?
  3. The number of drivers needing physical exams per week.
  4. Are you currently using an on-site provider, or sending your drivers to an outside clinic?
  5. Any other information you think may help us understand your company’s needs.