DOT Physicals Long Beach

DOT DOT Physicals Long BeachPhysicals Long Beach is proud to announce that we have just entered into a partnership agreement to open up another location in the Long Beach area the address at:

700 W. Willow Street,

Long Beach, CA 90806.

We will be offering DOT Physical‘s five days a week from 9 AM to 5 PM.

We will be offering a $40 special for all new customers to get our word out there that we have a new location close to the Long Beach port and the San Pedro port.

This is a very significant number of truck drivers on the 710 freeway all you see is trucks. Nonstop on Pacific Coast Highway and nonstop on Anaheim , which happen to be the next 2 exits after our location.

The whole port area where  the longshoreman are dealing with offloading freight on the docs off the port there are nonstop trucks.

A lot of our drivers have had to detour their work to come all the way to the LAX area, but now we’re right off the freeway you can park on PCH and go up to Willow Street and come right off the freeway get your physical and head back to work on the same side of town.

We’ve had multiple drivers come in and tell us that we should open up a spot closer to the area so that people will not have to drive as far and with the way how bad Los Angeles traffic can be , people just want something closer so that it could reduce time  and even the risk of an accident with very valuable cargo.

CDL Medical Examinations Long Beach

We have all your paperwork on file you don’t have to fill your paperwork out again we are simply adding another location to our franchise so you are not going to a completely different business.

We have digitized everything so we have everything you need to get your physical we have all the paperwork we have all the capability to do a fully functional physical in the Long Beach area.

DOT Physicals Near Me

So give us a call to schedule an appointment or we do walk-ins from 9 to 5 Monday through Friday and we will be happy to help.

Right now with this pandemic and everything going on with corona virus we had to think outside the box. Business has to be more creative to stay in business otherwise if you’re not flexible you will simply go out of business, but this service that we offer to our drivers is essential.

Every store- Wal-Mart, Target, Costco, major supply chains, supermarkets and groceries they get a lot of their supply from a truck that has pick everything up from a port or train.