Services provided:

  1. We offer on-site clinic set-up. Our examination coordinator will work with your point of contact to set up a space for our Medical examiners to do the examinations at your facility.
  2. We offer flexible and convenient scheduling based on your company’s needs.
  3. Electronic Medical Records that allows quick and easy access to Long Forms and certificates of drivers.
  4. All equipment for medical exams  will be provided/brought on-site by the examining team.
  5. Data Management. We have a comprehensive database that allows easy access to your medical records when you need them.
  6. We also have  convenient data delivery options for you to choose from.

Contact our examination coordinator to discuss and evaluate your needs:


What to expect:

  1. DOT Medical Examinations conducted according to FMCSA guidelines.
  2. Urine Drug Screen collection and testing.
  3.  Medical Review Officer (“MRO”)  services.
  4. On-site blood glucose testing as indicated.
  5. Data Management: we offer a robust data management system that allows for quick and accurate LF and Certificate retrieval.

By providing on-site exams your company will see the following benefits:

  1. Time savings.Our on-site services eliminates the need to transport drivers to and from an off-site clinic.
  2. It promotes a positive relationship  with company/instructors and drivers
  3. Cost savings – no need to transport drivers to and from an off-site clinic: less down time,  and an efficient on-site system.

On the Day of Your Service:

  1. DOT Exam Professionals staff arrive on-site and set up designated area for UDS collections.
  2. UDS collections are begun on indicated drivers.
  3. Initial processing for physicals is started by Medical Assistants.
  4. Medical Examiner will begin performing exams.
  5. Once all UDS collections and examinations are completed, you will receive: 1) A completed and accurate Registration Log of all drivers seen; 2) A copy and original of all Clearance Form Requests.
  6. Examinations will be reviewed by our Medical Review Team under the supervision of the Medical Director prior to the following morning.
  7. Secure HIPPA compliant electronic copies of all Certificates and Exams will be provided the following morning.